Danny Hearn – Deeply Human Design Ltd

Startups and Founders

Uncover user-insight driven design to validate assumptions, inform design decisions, to build confidence in your product or service.

Is this you?

  • I need to grow our product/service beyond concept

  • I don't understand our target audience in way that helps us make design decsions

  • I need a trusted friend for advice, evaluate potential partners

  • I need support in storytelling for potential investors

  • I need to create a roadmap that helps us plan for the future

  • I need more certainty that we are building the right things to avoid technical debt

How I can help

Every startup, founder and their challenges are unique.  This is why I work with you to co-create a package of support, that could span over a few days, weeks or longer, based on what you need and how our relationship develops. 

Outcomes you can expect

  • Gain a clear understanding how people are using your product or service
  • Turn a sea of data, feedback and research into actionable insights
  • Crack a user experience challenge or problem
  • Ideate innovative solutions and validate risky assumptions through rapid prototyping
  • Build confidence on next steps for your product or service
  • Tell a story with interactive design assets and prototypes to share with stakeholders, investors and your wider community
  • Have a trusted friend for advice, evaluate potential partners

My experience

  • Developed, prototyped and validated leading propositions for Walgreens & Boots
  • Worked directly and collaboratively with founders from large and small startups
  • Delivered a range of design mentorship programmes, sessions and workshops (as a member of DOT PROJECT).
  • Partnered with Thinkitdigital to provide a 1-day introduction to user-centric mindset for small businesses and start-ups
  • Ran ideations sessions with the Read with Audrey team to unstick a design challenge.


Danny is by far the best consultant in his category that I have ever worked with. Truly great digital experts, for me, have been hard to come by. Danny is different. He is principled, rolls up his sleeves, has a plan, sticks to it, is flexible, but knows his science, and OWNS the deliverable as if he’s a part of your business. I would have him back in a heartbeat.

Marcia Kilgore

Founder, Bliss, Fitflop, Beauty Pie, Soap & Glory

Danny’s fresh perspective and design-thinking approach helped us to make sense of our user research in an objective and considered way. His well-conceived workshop framework enabled the team to define a clear set of priorities for future design and testing. His empathetic approach to user experience supported the team to align on and articulate a more lucid product journey vision. Thank you!

Rob Paul

Founder, Read with Audrey

Danny is a fantastic team player and an all-round pleasure to work with. Working alongside innovation strategists and insight leaders, Danny has been crucial in identifying and architecting a number of disruptive new digital and retail propositions for our most senior clients. His ability to facilitate workshops in particular is second to none - he’s engaging, full of energy and always adds a tonne of value (on all things UX) in every interaction. While his experience is vast and extremely diverse, his depth in lean startup and design thinking is incredibly impressive.

Katy Stephton

Founder, Future Foundry

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