Danny Hearn

User Research

Helping to

uncover unmet user needs and generate insights to help you make the right decisions

Through a series of research activities, I’ll help you uncover the goals, needs and challenges your users have when using your service or product.  Align your organisation around the user’s experience to create a solid focus and improve your digital design and services.

Is this you?

Things are getting tricky with our website agency…

  • We got burnt on a website redesign before and want to get it right.

  • Our web agency doesn't like it when we keep making changes.

  • They are great at designing the look and feel, but don't seem to understand our customers.

  • We want to have more confidence that our website redesign will work before we spend lots of time and effort.

Poor performing website or service

  • We don't know why customers aren't buying or using our service

  • We want to optimise our conversion rate

  • We don't know how to explain our products or services in a way that connects to our users

  • We're stuck on designing the navigation or clear journeys on our website

Strategy and stakeholders

  • We are developing our strategy and need to build in the customer perspective

  • We need to influence a stakeholder about a key decision

  • We don't have a shared language or understanding of our users

How I can help

Together we can tailor a package of support with activities such as :

  • Live testing your website with real users and video highlights to share with stakeholders (can be very persuasive!)

  • User focused stakeholder and SME workshops

  • Designing surveys to validate and measure significance of qualitative insights

  • Reviewing other sources of data from traffic, customer feedback and social media

  • Develop a no-code interactive prototype to test ideas with real users and demonstrate concepts

  • A report and interactive playback sessions to help the team reflect on next steps

What outcomes you can expect

  • A shared understanding on what the user needs are and how they measure success

  • A different lens for viewing your service / product / website, an ‘outside-in’ perspective

  • A starting point or renewed focus on how to improve user experience

  • Support for marketing, content and comms messaging

All of this activity can be supported alongside follow up collaborative sessions to help make sense of the findings and determine next steps.

My relevant experience

  • Research design lead (with Clearleft) working with Burberry.com on their new checkout
  • Conducted user research design projects for lots of organisations including Fitflop, Agent Provocateur, Speedy hire, Beauty Pie, COOPs UK, British Tinnitus Association
  • Upskilled team and embedded user research practice at Clarks
  • Trained and supported an increasing number of charities to carry out their own user research

Case study : 
Explaining the proposition

I helped beautypie.com explain their disruptive beauty business model to their customers, resulting in an uplift of 44% for new membership conversion.

"Danny is by far the best consultant in his category that I have ever worked with. Truly great digital experts, for me, have been hard to come by. Danny is different. He is principled, rolls up his sleeves, has a plan, sticks to it, is flexible, but knows his science,and OWNS the deliverable as if he’s a part of your business. I would have him back in a heartbeat.

Marcia Kilgore - Founder