Danny Hearn – Deeply Human Design Ltd

Leaders & Teams

Build a strong foundation for your team by supporting them to rediscover their confidence for designing new websites, apps and services.

Is this you?

  • We want to learn how to embed a person-centric culture in our organisation

  • We need our digital team to find their voice and confidence in the design process

  • We are drowning in business requirements but lack actionable user insights

  • We are running a digital programme or course and need a design specialist to facilitate and create the course material

How I can help

Let’s solve a problem together and learn by doing. I strongly believe that lasting, sustainable change happens through broad and inclusive collaboration.  I will guide and mentor you and your team as we work on a challenge together.  We’ll research, understand, prototype and redesign you’re service or digital product.

Outcomes you can expect

  • A fresh approach on aligning and embedding user needs within the organisation
  • Team has shared understanding of who you are designing for and what the needs and challenges are for users
  • Learn new digital tools for collaboration, prototyping, user research and co-creation
  • Supporting materials and content when needed for storytelling, stakeholder engagement

My experience

Learn more about me as a human.

Client feedback

Danny is a joy to work with - he is a highly skilled UX professional who is passionate about bringing the best of that discipline to drive consumer-centric transformation - he is tenacious, compassionate and has a relentless drive to make things happen. If you need someone to help you lead your teams to a brighter future - Danny would be a great asset.

Lucy Calver

Digital Director

Danny was instrumental in helping to push the product development process forward. It was impressive to see how he was able to introduce and embed a range of innovative tools and methodologies. I would highly recommend him for guidance, coaching and leadership with product design teams.

Duncan Turner

Product Manager

Through his engaging presentation he brought his understanding and approach to understanding customer experience to life in a way that engaged everyone in the team at Fitflop. I really hope at some point I will work with and see Danny at work again !

Simon D Wright