Danny Hearn

Training events

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inspire and develop a user-centered mindset

I can partner with you for an event or programme to deliver sessions with a strong foundation and direction for designing new websites, apps and services.  I also speak at events on inspiring people about the value of a user-centred approach, thoughtful case studies and reflections.

Is this you?

  • We want our clients to look at their users differently and create a user-centric mindset to help sharpen their approach to business development.

  • We want to learn how to embed a person-centric culture in our organisation

  • We need to support small businesses, and startups understand how to design a website or service

  • We are running a digital programme or course and need a design specialist to facilitate and create the course material

  • We want to run events to create value and build relationships with potential new clients

How I can help

I can tailor for your event or programme and can be delivered remote or in person.  Below are some of the regular sessions I run with clients.

Works as a one off workshop

Introduction to a person-centred mindset

An interactive, highly practical one-off session that explores who your audiences are and how to uncover their needs, challenges, and pains.  We can also run live practice runs of qualitative user research methods—a good starting point when learning about a person-centred mindset.

Outcomes from session

  • Understanding of who you are designing for and what the needs and challenges are for users.
  • A clearer focus and starting point for content, navigation and key messaging.
  • A good start to user-centred design will empower you to have different conversations with your web agency or build partner.
  • Experience in the basics of how to run your own user testing and research.

Works as a programme

Rapidly evolve your digital service

A training course designed to develop an organisations service or website through experiential learning.  Delivered with different activities each week and ‘homework’ to develop between sessions.  We can tailor it for either a cohort or a singular organisation.

Outcomes from sessions

  • Understanding of who you are designing for and what the needs and challenges are for users
  • Introduction to a new way of delivering a new website or digital service
  • Learn new digital tools for collaboration and co-creation
  • A no-code prototype to visualise and test ideas with users and stakeholders
  • A fresh approach on aligning and embedding user needs within the organisation

Can speak for 20min or 1hr

Talks & case studies

Speaking on several areas covering user-centric design principles, how to embed and align user needs within an organisation. I can include case studies (John Lewis, Clarks and other small organisations) and practical examples. 

The main aim is to inspire and educate people about the benefits of a user-centric mindset.

My relevant experience

Testimonial : Talk on understanding customer experience design

Through his engaging presentation he brought his understanding and approach to understanding customer experience to life in a way that engaged everyone in the team at Fitflop. I really hope at some point I will work with and see Danny at work again !

Simon D Wright - Venture Capital Virgin