Danny Hearn – Deeply Human Design Ltd

About me

A curious, empathetic and down to earth passionate design person.

I’ve had a diverse career over 20 years, which has empowered me with a resilient and adaptable approach for the clients I work with.

Career highlights

  • 20yr+ experience with high street brands, startups, charities and organisations

  • Design leader at John Lewis, Fitflop and Clarks

  • Lobbied, created and ran the first John Lewis hackathon

How experience shaped my approach

An adaptable approach
Every project & client is different, therefor the dynamics and capability and maturity of the team all inform how I determine the best approach.

A focus on relationships
Any work I do will have a relational focus of what roles and relationships bind and people and the organisation together.

A focus on user needs
I frame my thinking principally through a Design Thinking, LEAN, JTBD and value proposition design. Focusing on the user needs (rather than just your organisational needs) allows you to design products and services in a way that creates true value and meaning.

Design thinking diagram

Learn through experimentation
I work with prototypes, learning fast, early and often. The insights I develop are invaluable and inform design, marketing and strategy.

Grounded in methodology
I’m a big fan of Strategyzer’s Value Proposition Design approach.  The book inspired me to develop ideas at John Lewis and give a talk on the topic.

Having designed and shipped software in many organisations, I’m very comfortable working with development teams, using LEAN and Agile frameworks.  I’m a new convert to Jobs for research to be done as a useful tool in the bag when looking at qualitative and quantitative research methods.

My Values

I do my best work when I feel in alignment with my values and the people I’m working with. 

  • Valuing strong relationships

    Creating space to understand and build trusting relationships based on a shared understanding with the organisations I work with is deeply woven into the value and impact I want to create with you.

  • Being myself

    I believe in creating an understanding based on honesty and transparency. I will always be professional and find it valuable to bring my human side into work too.

  • Move lightly and quickly

    Sticking to plan no matter what can get you seriously stuck in a rut. I value adaptability and the flexibility to pivot in any direction that best suits an emerging need of the project.

  • Proudly curious

    I’m a naturally inquisitive person, and the way my mind works is to ask lots of questions. I love to challenge and work in environments where this is encouraged.

View My Manual of Me

A ‘manual of me’ aims to help you work with me so we might do great things together. This feels a little vulnerable to share, so I hope you can recognise my desire to build a positive relationship with you.