Danny Hearn

Helping you

deeply understand your users and how to design for them

Grow your organisation’s confidence with user research, design mentoring and interactive training.

How I can help

I work with a range of clients from CEOs, founders, small and medium businesses, startups and large organisations.

Uncover unmet user needs to generate insights.  Create a shared understanding in your organisation to refocus your proposition by connecting with user goals. 

Grow your team’s confidence in designing for the user.  Learn how to solve a problem together, through collaborative design and reflective sessions.

Bring a new perspective and invite curiosity to your event or programme with accessible interactive learning sessions on user centered design.

Embedding change

"Danny was instrumental in helping to push the product development process forward. It was impressive to see how he was able to introduce and embed a range of innovative tools and methodologies. I would highly recommend him for guidance, coaching and leadership with product design teams."

Duncan Turner, Product Manager

Right now..

I’m developing our business strategy with the DOT PROJECT, mentoring several charities in design confidence.  Supporting the team of an engineering firm to bring the user’s perspective to their new website redesign project.